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Driving Innovation and Technology 

We live in an age of seamless connectivity. Drivers deserve their vehicle to help keep them connected to the information and entertainment that helps make their lives better, simpler, more in-touch.  DAIICHI helps drivers to access to the information and entertainment they now have at work and at home. 

Many of our products offer an advanced suite of technology and entertainment services.

Our vision is to empower our customers to maximize their enjoyment and customize their in-vehicle entertainment experience – simply and with a robust array of choices. Our systems enable drivers and passengers to interact via touch-screen, steering wheel control or voice control with equal ease. 

DAIICHI combines high-quality audio and video with smart navigation. On top, it supports the latest connectivity options for your smartphone, such as Apple, Android, Bluetooth and more.


Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, DAIICHI operates technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 6 countries. Turkey / China / Uzbekistan / Italy / Brazil  / India 


To become Turkey’s customer-focused, leader company in automotive entertainment products and services by serving products to our customers on time with best quality and cost together with our employees and suppliers.


To be Turkey’s leading car entertainment product company with optimal automotive products and services to fit customer needs and expectations.


Our focus is on changing needs of customer and market. We offer consumers great products with great quality within arm’s reach at great value and build strong partnerships with customers through providing best in class service.

We aim to delight and bring a smile to customers and employees every day. In this respect, we continuously develop, and strengthen our organization. Empowered employees who embrace our vision and strategy, guarantee our performance.

We inspire trust by operating with respect for our people, society, the health & wellness of our customers and the environment. We fulfill our corporate social responsibility obligations while acting according to the transparency and accountability principles. We ensure to provide a trustworthy workplace that respects human rights.


We are professionals
We have the required human resources, know-how, and assets necessary to be the best in our business. We have increased our competitive capacity through globally approved implementations and initiatives and have set an example with our corporate applications. We create a difference with our way of doing business.

We aim to overachieve and we accomplish this goal
Our business is results oriented. We aim high and focus on our ultimate goal while doing business. We see the big picture, take responsibility and work with high motivation along the path of maximum performance. We are aware of the strategy and direction of our Company and we apply these in every decision and action we take.

We are innovative and creative
We are enthusiastic, participative and cooperative. We meet the necessary requirements of today’s world, as well as support innovative ideas and enterprises. We allocate time for thinking. We appreciate solving problems and creating opportunities. We constantly evaluate our routine and avoid making assumptions. We are not afraid of making mistakes and, in fact, learn from them. We work incessantly in order to create a difference.

We support continuous development
We work in a learning and growing business culture. We reward our employees who continuously improve and make a prominent contribution with their high performance. We provide feedback for improving and receive criticism with candidness.

We work for the success of our customers
Customers are our main focus. We work with the awareness of generating value for our customers and their business in every decision we make and action we take. We create customer loyalty through long lasting close relationships that generate value. Our customer relations are based on flexibility, stability, speed and a solution based partnership.

We generate value for our customers with our high quality products and services
We provide the highest quality products and services for our customers. We continually endeavor to be one step ahead of the competition. We grasp the key customer demands and expectations and, when necessary, design our products and services, as well as our manner of business, accordingly.

We listen to the voice of the customer
We anticipate changing customer demands and endeavor to formulate solutions in the shortest time with a proactive approach. Our priorities are identified by the priorities of our customers.
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Our Partners

Since its founding in 2002 DAIICHI become a technology driven company serving the world’s leading car manufacturers including FIAT, HYUNDAI, FORD, GM, SUZUKI, TEMSA, KARSAN, BMC, MITSUBISHI 

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