DAIICHI R&D’s patent applications increase

n 2002, established with 100% Turkish capital DAIICHI electronic customer-oriented maintains its vision of being the leading company in Turkey in automotive electronics products and services sector by offering an approach in Turkey and serve the time the best quality products at cost to customers in all countries.

Within the scope of the project developed by DAIICHI R & D Center located in Uludag University Ulutek Technology Development Zone, patent applications are continuing under the V2X protocol.

The General Manager of R & D Center Mevlüt Tellioğlu, who made a statement about the patent applications, has a new communication for the vehicles, which provides communication from the vehicle to the vehicle (V2V), from vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), from vehicle to infrastructure (V2P), from vehicle to network (V2N). The standard is, he said.

Tellioglu, thanks to the improved protocol, together with vehicles with the operating system will increase the popularity of autonomous driving and autonomous vehicles will become more intelligent and less dependent on people day by day, he said.