DAIICHI'S Quality Policy

Our target; is to be a worldwide company by satisfying our customers with our Quality, Price, Logistics success & increasing our market share globally.

To achieve this target;
Having the employees required trainings in order to create DAIICHI ELECTRONICS culture in which employees can grasp the company targets, quality awareness and job satisfaction.
Bounded to the global quality and environmental protection management system requirements and other legal responsibilities. We will continue to improve our understanding of quality with the participatition of our professionals and selective suppliers, and always pursue continuous improvement.
Creating and measuring the quality level which can be measurable by the customer.
Strategy & target decisions which are suitable for sustainable development.
Satisfy the applicable expectations of all parties involved internally and externally,
Have been accepted and announced as the QUALITY policy.
The Quality Manual is a reference to how a company's quality system is created, operated and evolving. The systems outlined in the quality manual work efficiently only when the employees work together. This is the only way to achieve a common goal. All employees must understand and apply the rules outlined in the quality manual.
The company management is responsible for the continuous development of this policy.
General Manager
Ömer Tunç Akdeniz