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Fiat Professional Ducato drivers sit back and enjoy – with new DAIICHI infotainment and audio systems

Press Release, DAIICHI Electronics, January 2020 Istanbul, Turkey, January 2020 – A brand new connectivity experience is awaiting drivers of the new Fiat Professional Ducato: The new infotainment system by DAIICHI will help drivers stay connected to their vehicles and the world around them, featuring voice control capabilities and more realistic navigation. The new system
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We attended the BIG2019

We attended the BIG2019 event organized by Ford Otosan at their state of the art R&D Center, in Sancaktape, İstanbul.During the event we meet with Ford Otosan’s talented engineers and had chance to introduce our new infotainment systems.
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DAIICHI Research Team

Great to see happy faces at our research center, located in Bursa. Our Research team is happy to complete successful patent application about V2X protocols. Keep up the hard work team!
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New speaker systems for Navistar are on their way!

The new speaker systems developed by DAIICHI Elektronik will be used in all commercial vehicles of the legendary heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer of the United States, Navistar. 16 different speaker systems were developed for 8 different vehicles for vehicles manufactured in Navistar’s North American factories.
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DAIICHI R&D’s patent applications increase

n 2002, established with 100% Turkish capital DAIICHI electronic customer-oriented maintains its vision of being the leading company in Turkey in automotive electronics products and services sector by offering an approach in Turkey and serve the time the best quality products at cost to customers in all countries. Within the scope of the project developed
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DAIICHI Electronics Receives ISO 27001 Certificate

DAIICHI Elektronik successfully completed the ”ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security and Management System l (ISMS) project, which was initiated with the aim of securing the YS confidentiality, integrity and availability ini of information. DAIICHI was awarded the ISO 27001 certificate by providing the system requirements in a very short time. Within the scope of the
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Information Security Management System training was organized

Information Security Activities; to ensure that information security management is ensured within the scope of human, infrastructure, software, hardware, establishment information, third party information and financial resources; personnel trainings are ongoing.
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We Celebrated Our 17th Year Anniversary

We are proudly celebrate the 17th year of establishment of DAIICHI . We have been working hard and effectively to increase the technological independence level of Turkey since 2002. We are getting strong day by day with our knowledge in technology and internationally successful projects. While we are trying to keep the domestic demands with
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We participated in the Made in Uzbekistan Expo

We participated in the Made in Uzbekistan exhibition held in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan between 27-30 November 2018. During the exhibition, our visitors had the chance to discover our newest and groundbreaking products. During the expo, where we were very interested in our booth, our company was introduced and opportunities were provided to share
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CNN TÜRK’de Teknoloji Her Yerde Programına konuk olduk

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CNN TÜRK’de Özel Sektör Programına Konuk Olduk

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DAIICHI held its second Tech Day in Bursa

Thank you for joining us in Bursa. It was a great event and we hope to see you all soon in 3. DAIICHI Tech Day in Uzbekistan.
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HÜRRİYET GAZETESİ: Otomotiv devlerine teknoloji üretiyor

Bursa’da iş ortakları ile buluşan Daiichi Elektronik geliştirdiği multimedya ve yazılım teknolojilerini iş ortaklarının beğenisine sundu. Suzuki, Ford, Chrsyler, Fiat gibi pek çok otomotiv firması ile multimedya, navigasyon, araç ve akıllı telefon bağlantıları gibi ürünlerin çalışmalarını yapan firmanın Genel Müdürü Ömer Akdeniz, tamamen yerli olarak Ar-Ge çalışmaları yaptıklarını ve bu bağlamda TÜBİTAK, Galatasaray Üniversitesi ve ürünlere bağlı
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MİLLİYET GAZETESİ: Yerli otomobile yerli elektronik sistem

 DAIICHI Genel Müdür Ömer Tunç Akdeniz, yüzde 100 Türk sermayesi ile kurulan DAIICHI Elektronik’in, yerli otomobilin teknolojik alt yapısını, elektronik sistemlerini ve gösterge panellerini üretmek için en büyük aday olduğunu söyledi. DAIICHI Elektronik, Bursa’da otomotiv sektörünün temsilcileriyle bir araya geldi. İnfotainment/audio çözümleri ve konsept ürünlerinin sergilendiği ‘DAIICHI Teknoloji Günü’nde DAIICHI, yeni teknoloji sistemlerini tanıttı.