New Fiat 500 BEV Smart Radio

Developed by Turkish Engineers at DAIICHI’s R&D Center in Bursa, the innovative in-car infotainment system contributing to Turkey’s Electronics Industry comes to life in FIAT’s all-electric 500BEV Action model.

Thanks to the innovative in-car infotainment system without a screen, controlled by smartphones with IOS and Android operating systems; You will have easy access to applications that meet daily user habits such as Spotify, digital radio and navigation.

Thanks to the new application that allows you to connect wirelessly through your smart devices, you will be able to control the multimedia system with your voice while driving; In this way, you will meet with a safe driving experience without taking your eyes off the road.

You can access your favorite music, routes and all the other features you care about, as well as view instant range information, tire pressure, periodic maintenance process, nearest services and error messages, depending on your vehicle’s battery capacity, from your smartphone, and access the best driving experience by interfering with the settings.

One of the most admired features of the new system developed is that it can be updated and personalized with new applications to be installed.

We are pleased that this new generation in-car entertainment system, developed by DAIICHI engineers, will be widely used all over the world very soon.