DAIICHI Electronics Receives ISO 27001 Certificate

DAIICHI Elektronik successfully completed the ”ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security and Management System l (ISMS) project, which was initiated with the aim of securing the YS confidentiality, integrity and availability ini of information. DAIICHI was awarded the ISO 27001 certificate by providing the system requirements in a very short time.

Within the scope of the project, an ISMS committee formed by different department representatives was established. Within the scope of the activities carried out under the leadership of this committee, trainings were organized to develop technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase the awareness of information security, and many configurations and arrangements were implemented within the office and production facilities.

DAIICHI Elektronik has documented this information not only by protecting the company’s information, but also by protecting its customers’ information with the same sensitivity as a result of un Information Security and Management System inin (ISMS). The Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) provides the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of any information that expresses value to the company; protects the information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration and destruction.